Frank Dinucci and Son in New York city Set Off on a Fundraising Experience

No one ever wants to be diagnosed with any incurable disease. And if your son is diagnosed with such a kind, where the life span is short, then it becomes hard for a father to accept this fact. However, Frank Dinucci is one such person, who didn’t lose his calm and fought against the circumstances to make his son live longer.

Frank is a very inspirational soul, whose son Frank Dinucci Jr is diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. The life expectancy of the disease was only until teens, but his son was very optimistic, and his positive attitude inspired his father very much.

Through various methods, they started collecting funds, and the money was given to the University of Columbia, where scientists were trying to find the cure. The efforts made by Frank and Frank Jr were more than enough to increase the life expectancy of the patients. The life expectancy of the patients increased till 30 years of age.

When was he diagnosed? 
Frank Jr was three years old when he was diagnosed with the disease. Even at a small age, he understood it and was very calm. His cool attitude inspired his father, and he decided to raise the funds for the research of the disease. They are from Raleigh, and every year indulges in a fundraising activity by helping people. 

How they collected funds? 
After Frank Jr was diagnosed with the disease, Frank’s only passion was to raise funds for the research about the deadly disease. Frank Dinucci traveled to New York City from Raleigh with his son and collected funds for the research of the disease. He was not alone in this event, but many people came forward to help him. This proved that people are aware of these incurable diseases, and are taking a step to finding a permanent solution to it.

Every year they would travel 500 miles using a cargo bike and collect funds through it. They would charge the person for giving them lifts and in this way funds are raised. This year, they even offered free lunch and frozen ice- creams, which was from the New York City local businesses. In this, the raised funds are given to the University of Columbia, which would be helpful in finding the cure.

Frank is a hopeful father, who is investing his time and raising funds for the cure of disease. This is indeed a positive step and a very brave step, and the major role was played by his son, Frank Jr, who wasn’t scared or felt disappointed after the diagnosis.